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Keep Cool This Summer

Beat the heat with routine air conditioning service in Palm Bay or Melbourne, FL

You don't want to wait until you need a new air conditioning unit to call HVAC professionals. An air conditioning replacement can often be costly and unnecessary. Getting routine air conditioning service in Palm Bay or Melbourne, FL is the best way to stave off major repairs or full system replacements.

You can avoid the unexpected by getting regular AC maintenance from Moore's Air and Heat, Inc. Call us today to set up an air conditioning service schedule that works for you.

Don't wait-schedule air conditioning repair right away

As your air conditioning unit ages, there are going to be times when you need a repair. Don't get stuck suffering through the Florida heat without air conditioning-call the experts at Moore's Air and Heat. We provide emergency air conditioning repair to get you comfortable as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye out for these signs that your air conditioning may need air conditioning service rather than later:

  • Your energy bills fluctuate from month to month
  • You've noticed weird sounds or odors
  • You're noticing that it takes longer to heat or cool your space
Call us right away if you've noticed any of these tells that your air conditioning unit needs repairs.